My top 3 L'Oreal Lipsticks:

This one is my top favourites, I adore this colour its a very beautiful shade, its like a very pinkie nude it can be worn as an everyday lipstick wont be seen as over the top, the lipstick looks great with everything I wear. Its a very elegant colour if your look for a matte lipstick I defiantly recommend this colour.

Now this is my second fav I love wearing this colour to somewhere special, specially weddings its an amazing shade that will look great on anyone. The product packing is gorgeous the black case looks really nice with the red lipstick
This is a nice pink shade I really love this colour. I usually wear this to some small occasions but the only thing I don't really like about this one is that its a little shiny and tiny bit glossy but you can use powder to make it seem matt which I usually do but if you are look for an pink shiny lipstick then this one is for you!!!

so that's my top 3 L'Oréal Lipsticks that I have and really love, there all great shades the colours are great for everyday and special occasions. There all very smooth and also long lasting without drying your lips out which is great if your going to a long event which may last for hours,
let me know if you have any L'Oréal Lipsticks and which one is your Favourite?

L'oreal Infallible Primer Review:

If you guys are looking for a great primer I definitely suggest the L'oreal Infallible Primer, its soft and will certainly give you a flawless finish. I actually have realised that using a primer makes a big difference on how your make up turns out; since my skin is quite dry I realised when I used to apply make up on without a primer it used to seem very patchy and dry, I didn't like how it used to turn out but recently I've been using the L'oreal Infallible Primer, and  I can definitely see a difference to how my make turns out.

Reason For Starting The Blog:

Hi, so I know I currently have no followers but since this is my first post I just wanna talk about why I decided to start this blog; firstly I needed a place where I can express my emotions and talk about things I love without being judged, secondly because I felt like through this blog I could meet great people around the world and make great friends!!

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